CRP Project Requirement

15 of the 40 credits required for CRP certification must be earned through a project that demonstrates the candidate's ability to apply the learned body of knowledge in a way that will benefit his/her company. This page describes the typical process and reporting requirements.

The candidate conceives a project that applies relevant reliability engineering concepts and techniques in a way that will benefit his/her organization.

The scope of the project should be:

  • relevant to the reliability course material.
  • sufficient to demonstrate an understanding of the course material.
  • able to be executed on-site where the candidate works.
The candidate submits a project proposal to the CRP Board for review and initial approval.

Please use the required "Project Proposal Form" and submit proposals to the HBM Prenscia office that serves your region.

Project Proposal Form - (*.DOC, 52 KB)
Proposal Review Criteria - (*.PDF, 68 KB)

If the proposal is accepted, a Project Mentor will be assigned to identify any issues that may need to be addressed before moving forward.

It is important to note that a CRP Project Mentor is not a consultant or coach. It is the candidate's responsibility to design and carry out the project, and to submit materials for review at each stage.

Mid-way through executing the project, the candidate submits a report of the project status for review and feedback.

Please use the required "Project Status Report Form" and submit to your project mentor.

Project Status Report Form - (*.DOC, 52 KB)

At project completion, the candidate submits the final project report for review and approval.

Please use the required "Project Final Report Form" and submit to your project mentor. (Note that the paper or presentation that is delivered in an industry conference or journal in order to satisfy the CRP presentation requirement must be attached to the final report.)

Project Final Report Form - (*.DOC, 48 KB)

The Project Mentor and the CRP Board review the final report to ensure that the project meets the CRP requirements.

The Project Mentor will contact you directly if any adjustments are needed. The CRP project credits will be granted upon project approval.

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